How Does Breitbart Cover “Fake News”?

Since Breitbart has been openly supportive of the Trump administration, their coverage of “fake news” has been similar to that of the new POTUS. Their articles, like the President’s tweets, focus on calling out news outlets like CNN, New York Times, and CNBC for publishing fake stories and argue in favor of Trump and his political actions.


On their site, Breitbart includes the words “Fake News” (sometimes in all caps just to add some flare) before most headlines of stories that revolve around this subject. This is a smart tactic as it makes it easy for readers to search for articles on fake news and have them be distinctive from the rest of their content.


One of the best examples of Breitbart’s fake news coverage was an article published on January 22 called, Fake News: Three Mainstream Media Lies on Trump’s First Day. The tone and wording of the lead alone makes the purpose of the piece evident…

The mainstream media lost no time in attempting to undermine President Donald Trump, as opposed to actually reporting information.

The article is separated into three graphs, each with a bold heading outlining the “lie” in discussion. The first regarding Trump’s alleged focus on crowd size during his inauguration, the second about insulting the CIA and the third, claiming that the anti-Trump protests were important. Under each, the author refutes these “lies” and offers what Breitbart perceived as the truth about each issue.

For me, Lie #3 was the most entertaining to read. The author of the piece argued that the Trump protests were “vulgar” and “nothing more than a venting of outrage at Trump’s election”. He also felt the need to mention the “heaps of trash” left all over the sites, claiming this to be yet another reason why the protests were not important…screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-7-30-31-pm

It is interesting to see the perception of “fake news” from a news site that, in the eyes of Donald Trump, has been a respectable and fair news outlet throughout the presidential campaign. I look forward to seeing if Breitbart will be the only news outlet with access to Trump’s press conferences in the future.


Author: Brielle Farruggio

Journalism student at Boston University.

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