About Me.

captureHello! My name is Brielle and I’m a senior (terrifying) at Boston University. I have a minor addiction to documentaries, am a no-shame FOODIE, and ever since studying abroad in Australia, have been looking for ways to somehow convince my family that I’m moving there….I’ll keep you posted on any progress.

Though I’ve switched my major quite a bit, each step has taken me closer to my final destination: journalism. To be honest though, I am not studying journalism with the hopes of eventually becoming a news reporter. I pursued journalism because I believe writing is a necessary component of most industries, so a strong writing foundation would ultimately help in any communications endeavor I embark on.

This became apparent to me during my time studying abroad in Sydney. While there, I had my first taste of the entertainment industry as an intern for the Sydney Film Festival. I helped write and edit the program guide and curated content for social media. This experience brought me to my current internship at Allied Integrated Marketing, a company that does PR for movie production studios. These undertakings, although not explicitly journalistic, touched on the basic skills I’ve developed as a soon-to-be “journalist”.

As a senior, I am often asked, “So, what is your dream job”, or, “What are your plans after graduation”. These questions, which never cease to give me heart palpitations, I have no concrete answers to. What I do know is that I love entertainment and I love writing for all mediums (social, online and print) and hope to one day find a career that allows me to pursue both.


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